Sunday, June 3, 2007

Two little monkeys

...jumping on the bed. One jumped off and broke his foot! As you all know I am sure, Tyson and Trevor were jumping off of the bed at Jaime and Eric's house. Tyson had a little mishap and may have possibly fractured his foot. He has to go back into the doctor next week to see for sure, but in the meantime he has a temporary splint. If it is really fractured, he will get a cast next week! Here are some pictures of him at Grandma's house.


Craig & Shalece said...

That's my little monkey!! We are hoping for no cast but I'll keep ya posted :)

Auntie Stac said...

Poor little tyson! Better hope for a water proof cast...since summer is coming! What a bummer. That would be my worst nightmare! hee hee. Hope you feel better soon my little nephew! :) Love you!