Sunday, July 15, 2007


Hey everyone! Sorry I have been a bit MIA lately. Who would have thought that being back in Provo would keep me so busy! I am taking 2 classes-volleyball and Abnormal Psychology which takes up about 10 hours a week just in class. I am working 30 hours a week or so and volunteering at the state hospital (for the mentally ill) 4 hours a week as a requirement for my abnormal psych class. Also, I got an email from the MTC asking if I would be willing to be a shift leader at the TRC. SO- that takes about 3 hours or so during the week calling people to have them come in and volunteer for the missionaries to teach them and then on Saturday's I am at the MTC from 8:15 until 1:00 during a TRC shift. I just check the volunteers in and conduct the prayer meetings and what-not. The shift I am volunteering for is for missionaries going to Spanish speaking countries (Eric & Craig will appreciate that). With all of that, plus reading for my class and my church calling (the service and friendship council), I have been a busy beaver. I love all of the pictures that have been posted though and miss you all sooooooo stinkin' much! Tell the kids I love them and give them a big kiss from me.

Love you guys tons!

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Craig & Shalece said...

Sounds like quite the busy schedule!! We miss you and love you tons! XOXOXO