Saturday, March 15, 2008

Gwen Evelyn Aragon

I noticed there are no new postings for our I am posting some pics of our Gwennie. She is now 5 1/2 weeks old and so adorable. We just love her to pieces. She is now smiling, not consistently though. She seems to save all her smiles for her daddy (which Ty just loves) and her Grandpa. It is not fair, I work so hard for them and only get them when she wants to show them off. She is defintely developing into a daddy's girl (I knew it), and it is so good for daddy to have a little princess. He told me that I will have to be the disciplinary on this child because he will never tell her "No". Just wait till she is 16 and wants to date, he will be telling her "no" then. We just love our "grunter" to pieces and our so thankful that she is such a good baby. By the way...I got all my baby photos and we believe that she might be a little "Emily" with Ty's eyes. I will show you pics...I will need your opinions.
I love little girl headbans...can you tell?!?!?


Starla said...

That first picture is more than cute!

Shalece said...