Thursday, March 19, 2009

This poor blog

needed an update. Since we all hae our blogs now that we have a hard time keeping up with, this one gets neglected.

I am at mom and dad's and have lots their old pictures, so here is for reminiscing purposes!! Our cute boys when they were sooo little!



Big boys having fun.

Daylen in mommy's tummy!

Those were all from the same day.

Here is one other day of some summer fun-- our boys were so little!


Emily said...

I was thinking this blog needed some updating. Look how little those boys are. Why did you post a photo of my fat pregnancy embarassing. Daylen looks like an old balding man in these photos...I am laughing so hard. Thanks for updating and sharing.

Shalece said...

Sorry Em I will take it off. I just thought your cute belly was so cute!